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Landscape Installation 
and Renovations

Welcome to JV Landscape! We are are a full-service landscape contractor that specializes in residential outdoor spaces. Our team of experienced professionals will work by your side to design, build, and maintain your outdoor vision. Our company is proud to explain our three steps for success.



With 30 years on the job, we will do our best to help you build out your dream. We will help with plant selection, drainage, structure, and durability. 



First we demolish, clean up, and remove anything that obstructs the final design. Then we grade, install our base materials, and our finish materials or products. All while keeping your property as clean as we possibly can.



Protect your investment with our maintenance services. Landscapes are a living breathing system that need consistent attention. Mowing the new lawn, cycling the irrigation, and caring for your new  flowers are essential for long term success.

Take the first step towards outdoor bliss

What you need to know about building a landscape

Design & Planning

Landscapes are a investment, not only in money, but also in time, trust, and energy. Knowing what you want is a great first step. 

Although we are not a design firm, we can help you

You will need a drawing, diagram, design, etc. Signing a contract with vocal assurance that you communicated your design preference correctly is a recipe for a expensive disaster. Take it from our 30 years in the trade. 

How JV Landscape can help

We can take care of this whole process for you. We only require you to have an idea of what you want. Something like, "pavers over there, grass here, and plants over there." With this information, we will be able to give you a ball park of how much you will be investing.

What will happen

After we know what you need, we will come out and measure your property. (It is recommended you visit a nursery or rock quarry before our visit so we have can build out your estimate as fast as possible.) From the measurements we will develop a 2D plan. Once we are on the same page, JV landscape will quote the build. 

This process can take up to a week and a half. Our goal is to be on the same page with you 100% of the way. We like to use this time to encourage ideas, changes, and doubts. 


Not just a design company.

Protect the investment you put in to your yard with our maintenance program, get a better idea for what you want with a big clean up, or check out some of our past projects.

Take the first step towards outdoor bliss

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