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Micro-Irrigation and why it is important

Water has always been a precious resource to us, especially today, when in times of

historic drought, it has become ever more necessary to ensure the water we use does

not go to waste.

Plants absorb water through their roots, and to a lesser degree, their leaves. In soil,

water moves downward with gravity and is absorbed by plants once it has reached the

“root zone”. Plants constantly lose water in a process called transpiration, where water

vapor evaporates from plants through microscopic holes on the leaves called stomata.

This serves to keep plants cool in the hot summer sun, but means they require a

constant source of water available within the soil for their roots to absorb.

Unfortunately, it is common for the majority of farmers and home gardeners to utilize

improper and inefficient watering techniques on their plants. They either over water or

under water their plants, leading to unhealthier plants and soil, weaker harvests, and

precious water being pointlessly wasted.

The solution many home gardeners and farmers are turning to is micro-irrigation; this is

the practice of using a lower pressure and volume irrigation system that prevents the

overwatering of soil, and allows water to seep slowly through the soil at a rate which

plants can absorb more efficiently and with less wasted water.

The options for micro-irrigation are many, including micro-tubing, flow drip emitters, and

micro-sprinklers among several others. Forms of micro-irrigation are estimated to use up

to half as much water as conventional irrigation systems, and are more sustainable and

cheaper in the long run.

Especially now, it is more essential than ever that we use our water responsibly and

sustainably, to help stave off the disasters brought on by climate change and severe

drought, as well as helping us save our invaluable water to combat wildfires.

As more and more people decide to turn to micro-irrigation, it becomes cheaper and

more accessible for everyone. Making the switch to micro-irrigation will help protect our

planet, the people on it, and our dwindling natural resources.

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