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What to expect this Super Spring season with JV Landscape. How to re-seed your lawn. (With Video)

Hi, I am Juan this is my first video as part of JV Landscape, your locally owned and operated neighborhood landscape professional located in Sonoma County, California.

Some know me as Jr, Sebastian, Juan Jay.

If I haven’t had the chance to meet you yet, I’m the son of the owner Juan Sr. the man the myth the mower.

I just wanted to share a few minutes of my time to make a quick Springtime video where ill make a few announcements on the new season and what that means for your yard, and a few frequently asked questions.

If you tune in until the end of the video, I will show you how to re-seed a dry spot in your lawn.

I understand sometimes lawn repair just isn’t in our budget. If you have the time, or any little helpers, I will show you exactly how we do it here at JV Landscape, so you can do it too.

Nonetheless, lets jump right into some announcements:

1. It is officially springtime! The grass is growing, and we are mowing! If you have a field or pasture, it is time to consider getting into our high weed mowing schedule. The scattered rain and bright sunny days are the perfect combination for rapid growth. To makes sure your terrain does not get out of control, reply to this email or call us at 707-529-6666. Replying to this email would be the smoothest path to get booked in.

2. Second most dormant plant material should begin to show signs of bloom. We have had a very bipolar February which might have caused some variation of shock, and or frostbite to some plants that do not go through dormancy. It is the perfect time to go ahead and replace and or add to your garden in the upcoming weeks.

3. Next up is irrigation related. We are starting to troubleshoot and repairing irrigation systems for the upcoming heat. Micro-irrigation systems wear and tear. We will have a crew come out with tools and replacement parts to ensure your plants are receiving their water efficiently. Most clients go through their entire irrigation systems when it is noticeably aged, turned off for more than half the year, or right before summer/spring.

4. This next one is quick; it is time to start shopping for veggies and garden bed plants. It is also good to begin consideration for mulch or re mulching as it will provide a heat barrier and nutrition for both soil and plant roots. Also, it will make your yard look brand new!

5. Finally, I want to express my gratitude for the feedback on my last aeration email. You all never fail to remind me that we have the best client base in the world. For all of you who accepted your contactless estimate, you should have received an email confirming your service this week. If you are still on the fence about making the grass greener on your side, it is not too late to request an estimate. We will send you an estimate within 24hours thanks to technology that allows us to measure your lawn remotely. So go ahead and shoot us an email If you are interested.

That wrapped up the announcements. If you guys enjoyed this video, I will be making one every season to go over FAQ’s and what to expect of your yard and service. There is a form with a few simple questions attached to the email, we will highly appreciate if you participate. Our business is dependent on your feedback and client referrals. As a matter of fact. Juan Sr. has built and operated JV landscape for the last 30 Years on good word of mouth alone. So, I ask very humbly for your support in helping your friends and neighbors enjoy their yards by working with us.

Now for our secret sauce.

I will be showing you how to re-seed a spot in your lawn. This works great for areas that your pet has claimed as their territory, spots where an object used to be such as a tree or potted plant, or anything dry spot under 2 feet in diameter. Before seeding make sure the cause is not sprinkler related, such as too much or too little water. You can test this by placing an object or towel in the dry spot and running the sprinklers for a few minutes and checking the towel or object to see if it is wet.

Let’s jump into how we do it here at JV Landscape

First things first we must clean the area we are re seeding from any debris, and thatch. Here I am raking away as best as I can.

Next up we spread a layer of lawn seed. We use park avenue turf fescue. Make sure you get good coverage of the entire area, while keeping the layer as thin as possible. Time for soil. Any soil will work. Make sure to cover all the seed with your soil material. The purpose for the soil is to germinate the seeds. They need complete darkness and heat provided from the sun during the day, so make sure you cover them good. Once you have finished up spreading the soil, go ahead and do a little dancing on top of it to compact the soil and seed. Finally, go ahead and water the seeded area. Be very generous as seeds need the moisture to germinate. Once the area is irrigated, continue to water the seeded area until most of the seeds has sprouted, this will help the seed from sprouting and frying up due to lack of water. Once the seed develops a root, the sprinkler system should be sufficed.

This is Juan, a part of JV Landscape, your locally owned and operated neighborhood landscape professional. See you next time

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